Edgar Allan Poe Facts

Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American poet and writer of the 19th century whose works are still of great influence in the field of literature today.  When his parents died, he was orphaned and taken custody by John Allan whom he later on recognized as his Godfather.

Fast Facts about Edgar Allan Poe:

  • Became a newspaper editor until he managed his own newspaper in New York “The Broadway Journal” in 1845.  The paper, however, closed down in 1846.
  • In 1847, his wife Virginia Clemm passed away due to tuberculosis which resulted to Poe’s alcohol dependence.

Interesting Facts about Edgar Allan Poe

  • He was offered an editorial job for $800 by a certain George Graham.
  • Married his thirteen year old cousin, Virginia Clemm at the age of 27
  • After his wife died, Poe attempted suicide and had little luck in his personal affairs.
  • Was able to produce important writings in 1848 and died a year later at age 40.   Although his death was believed to have been due to alcoholism, no one knew exactly why he died.

Edgar Allan Poe Trivia:

  • Many of Poe’s works became inspiration for numerous popular film TV adaptations such as “The Black Cat” and “The Raven”
  • Poetry was his first love, but was later known as the father of modern detective story.
  • Considered to be his first detective story was “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” published in 1841

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